Sunday, August 11, 2013

4 Essential Elements of a Social Media Content Calendar

social media content calendar template
"You can customize your own Social Media Content Calendar if
you know clearly the 4 basic elements that comprise it."
What is a Social Media Content Calendar? 

A Social Media Content Calendar is a kind of tool that can help you plot out your contents for your online campaigns that shall be rolled out to specific social networking sites (SNS) following a timeline.

How does a Social Media Content Calendar look like? 

Imagine a worksheet where all the essential elements that you need for a calendar are in place. My goal for this blog post is actually to help you come up with one. The clearer that you know about the elements that you need, the easier you will be able to customize your own calendar.

How was I able to come up with these 4 essential elements? 

I was trying to come up with my own Social Media Content Calendar that shall fit my needs, as well as my client’s. After a few revisions, I observed that there are 4 things that never left the worksheets that I used. I believe that these 4 things are the 4 essential elements that must be present in any Social Media Content Calendar. I am resolved that if these 4 things are present, a Social Media Content Calendar is complete.

1. Campaign/Goals/Milestones 

What is the campaign all about? What are your goals? How will you achieve them? What are your milestones within your timeline that can help you achieve your goals? How will you formulate your milestones given the timeline that you have?

2. Timeline 
All projects are bound by a certain period of time or else, a project can go on forever and ever. Decide how often you are supposed to post contents on SNS. Is it monthly, weekly, daily or erratic?
how to find permalink on facebook
To get the permalink, right-click on the date/timestamp of each post
and then click "Copy link address".

3. Social Networking Sites (SNS) 

What are the SNS that you should use based on your goals?

4. Contents/ Activities/ Permalinks 

What kind of contents and activities will you create based on your goals?

What is a permalink? 

After posting your actual content on SNS, get the permalink. Permalink is the shortened word for permanent link. This means that you will have greater chances to access this link in the future because it remains unchanged for a longer period of time as compared to the regular link. To get the permalink, right-click on the date/timestamp of each post and then click “Copy link address”.

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