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5 Types of People Who Make Good E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

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"There is no substitute to hard work. Embrace it."
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1. People who embrace hard work. 

If you can't stand hard work, any kind of work will just be too hard for you. No work is easy. People who know this truth are always a few steps ahead of the game. The sooner that you embrace this truth, the sooner you will advance in your game. The quicker that you advance in your game, the quicker you'll succeed. There is no substitute to hard work. Embrace it.

2. People who are willing to fight for their freedom. 

Freedom can take many forms such as freedom to decide, financial freedom, freedom in time and other things that entrepreneurs enjoy and those that an ordinary employee doesn't. A lot of people dream of becoming their own bosses not only for the sake of becoming their own bosses. Some of them fight for their freedom to decide on their own. Some want to earn while doing what they are passionate about. Some just simply want to have more time with their families and ministries.

3. People who believe that there are many earning opportunities outside their 9-5 jobs. 

Most of us, Filipinos, were raised by our parents to become employees. We endure 17 years or more of formal schooling just to be employed. Sadly, not too many of us were taught of the value of working only for a few years to acquire new knowledge and skills and then afterwards build our own business. What's sadder than this is that we tend to choose popular courses that we think will take us to another country only to land in a local company that shall require us to do things that are totally irrelevant to our degrees. If there can be anymore sadder than this, it is the fact that there are more graduates every year than jobs being generated. 
Despite these things, opportunities still abound. Graduates who won't be able to land to a job right away may think of other ways to earn such as accepting projects or putting up a business, may it be online of offline.

4. People who believe in the Internet as a game-changing tool for entrepreneurs and marketers. 

Did you know that no single individual or organization owns the Internet? Thus, no one has an absolute control of it. This also means that anyone can succeed in the Internet provided that he has the right skills and tools as well the right products to offer the market. Although you have to make minimal investments (i.e. domain, Internet subscription, laptop and etc.) to build your presence online, the Internet has given way to more people to earn for a living. It has been good to small businesses too. The Internet has given them opportunities to promote their products aside from the usual media such as TV, radio, print, Out of Home (OOH) ads and Point of Purchase (POP) ads which are relatively more expensive.

5. People who know the importance of taking a leap of faith as a prerequisite to success. 

All ventures require a certain amount of risk. Thus, only those who are ready to take a leap of faith can truly succeed. While it is true that not all startups will succeed, still there is no substitute to the experience that failure can teach us. I say, let’s embrace failures and risks. Let us always remember that a faith even as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.


If you can identify to at least 1 type of people given above, then you can become a successful E-Commerce Entrepreneur. In fact, I believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur but having at least one of the 5 characteristics given above can make it easier for you to decide if you are contemplating to be one.

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