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10 Tips To Get Your Slides Featured on SlideShare's Homepage

How I got featured on SlideShare’s Homepage?

Actually, there is no exact science as to how SlideShare chooses their featured slides. They said they handpick the slides one by one.

When I got featured, the number of views for my deck rose from 100 to more than 1,000 in just a couple of hours. If you are strategically preparing your slides for this kind of stardom, of course, you are also increasing the possibility of getting more fans and followers for your Facebook Page and Twitter account (if those touchpoints are in your SlideShare page).
Click on this link to view the deck featured on SlideShare.

Here, though, are few personal tips that I want to share with you on how I created the deck that got featured.

1. Understand clearly what the topic is all about.

Before I start any deck, I take a considerable amount of pause and then ask myself, “What is the topic really all about?” As speakers, sometimes we get too excited to share our ideas and miss the whole point why we got invited on the first place. There is a reason why we get invited as speakers and the audience also got needs that we can suffice. The key is in knowing clearly what we can contribute to their knowledge through our talks.

2. List down all the ideas that you want to share about the topic.

Personally, I always want to give my audience an exhaustive list of all the important lessons that I have learned about the topic that is assigned to me. Therefore, I start by creating a long list of important lessons coming from my head and heart and then, I choose.

3. Choose the best ideas.

Yes, I choose from the list. It depends on the amount of time I was given. Sometimes, I group similar ideas into groups and discuss them by group. Sometimes, I just discuss them as a list. The key is in choosing the best ideas that speak to you the most and then, sharing it to others.

4. Transform each idea into impact statements.

Transforming each idea into impact statements is very important. First, you are helping your audience remember your ideas. Second, you are helping yourself become tweet-able (so think 140-characters or less). And third, you ultimately are helping yourself. I’ll tell why in the next item.

5. Use the impact statements as your talking points.

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Click on this link to view the deck featured on SlideShare.
Because you will use the impact statements as your talking points, you don’t have to memorize or read your whole talk. All you need to do is keep yourself posted through these talking points which you may read through your deck flashed overhead. Each impact statement should go right through your heart and to your audience’s hearts. Once this happens, that’s when you should start talking.

6. Pick the most thought-evoking image that you can find for each talking point.

A picture paints a thousand words, they say. If that is so, choose the right images that will support your talking points and you will be spared from too much talking.

7. Give your deck a catchy name.

The name of your deck is the first text that shall be read by your audience, unless you show something else. Make it a goal to catch their attention using this word or phrase.

8. Match the name with a perfect image.

Focus on the feeling that an image will evoke once the audience sees it. If it feels right with your deck title, use it.

9. Leave your contact information on the last slide.

Believe me, if you decided to follow the previous items, people will want to contact you.

10. Put your social media touchpoint on each slide.

Your Twitter handle and a hashtag will come very handy on each slide. If someone likes one of your impact statements, there is a fat chance that you will be quoted on Twitter.

Below are some more tips that SlideShare shared.

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