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3 Lessons Coach Jim Saret Taught Me About Fitness, Life and Digital Marketing

coach jim saret digital influencers marketing summit 2013Who is Coach Jim Saret?

Coach Jim was catapulted to stardom when he was chosen as one of the coaches for The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition alongside Chinggay Andrada. During the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2013 where I first saw him in person, he told us that he coached for the Biggest Loser team where the “seniors” belonged to, while Chinggay coached for the younger ones. Despite the odds, Larry Martin, a former police officer and a member of his team, bagged the title as the first ever winner of the competition.

Why I listened to him?

Even from afar, you will see Coach Jim’s dedication to helping more people live a healthier lifestyle. Despite his fame, I did not see any hint of pride for himself or any ambition to become a showbiz personality. All I see is a man married to his passion and that passion is to help others live better lives. During his talk he said something like, “Hindi mababayaran ang experience na makita ang isang tao na makita ang sarili niya na nagbago ang pangangatawan.” (Seeing a person see the changes in his body is a priceless experience.) 

He was very real and authentic in person. He came without a presentation and only brought with him some photos and videos to show to us. In the middle of his talk, he funnily admitted that he can’t operate a Macbook and also fondly calls Ms. Janette Toral as “JT” whom he had formed a really good relationship with, as his digital marketer and personal friend.

Coach Jim may look very tall and well-built but he is very down-to-earth and humble.

1. The power of the right motivation.

Eat and exercise to become strong, not to lose weight. I was taken aback when he said this. When you look everywhere, many products and services are being advertised to help people lose weight and look better. But Coach Jim thought differently and I believe him. Why? The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition is the first ever franchise that allowed their finishers to go topless during the end of the competition. Other franchises cannot do that to their finishers because of the usual case of excess skin when someone loses weight. But Coach Jim’s program made his team look good while losing weight. And all these became possible because of the power of the right motivation.

He further explained that strength-training is the key. If you train your body to become strong, you are training yourself to enjoy sustainable exercise for a longer period of time and before you know it, you are not only losing weight, you are also feeling stronger and enjoying exercise itself, not growing tired of it.

I believe that this is also true in everything that we do in life, may it be in digital marketing or other fields of interest. We must aspire to “strengthen” ourselves in whatever we do and not focus on external motivations and rewards. Being strong allows us to do more. And the more we do, the better we become.

2. Everything is possible.

Coach Jim told us that he was able to design a fitness program that burns 600 calories in 4 minutes. Nobody believed in him, of course, for that seems impossible. But as you know how stories like this turn out, he was able to prove it in front of many people through a demonstration. In the end, he was able to redeem himself and everybody was happy.

At this day and age, we are given with so much knowledge and resources that we can use to improve things, including lives of other people. Coach Jim is an innovator in his own respect. I believe that we, in our own fields of interest, can be innovators too. And we must not be afraid to introduce new things despite the odds against us. If we know that our ideas will help others, we must share it and not let the odds bring us down.

3. It doesn’t have to be too tough.

If there’s anything Coach Jim taught me during his talk, it’s the fact that exercise doesn’t have to be tough. I can be fit and healthy without complaining about it. In fact, doing it the hard way is sometimes, the wrong way. If something is very difficult for us to do, we won’t be able to enjoy it and thus it won’t be sustainable for us to do in the long run. The key is enjoying what we do. If we don’t enjoy it at first, we can find ways to make it enjoyable.

In life, the things that we do don’t have to make us suffer. If we are suffering at work, we must find a way to make it easier and more enjoyable for us. If we are pushing ourselves too hard, there may be something wrong somewhere in the equation.

Thank you Coach Jim and to everyone who attended and supported us during the recently concluded Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2013!
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