Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Tips to Improve Your Talks

This blog post is inspired by Ms. Janette Toral's blog entitled "Speakers are not heroes".

5 Tips to Make Improve Your Talks Mediactiv81. Share fresh ideas.

Truth is, people come to seminars to learn new things. So make sure that your are sharing with them something new and substantial, something that is drawn from your own unique experiences. Avoid generic titles and motherhood statements. Introduce new perspective. Challenge the status quo. And forecast the future.

2. Show your passion.

Nothing replaces passion. Passion is contagious. If you're passionate about what you're talking about, people will know and bigger is the chance that you'll make them agree with your thesis.

3. Tell stories.

Connecting is as important as communicating. When you hit the podium, make sure that you don't just talk. Tell stories. Connect to your audience. People love stories. It makes them imagine and think. Telling stories is much better than merely reciting a list of ideas that you have. Find your audience's sweet spot and you'll be rewarded with an attentive set of listeners.

4. Talk about your failures and successes.

Part of telling stories is being open in sharing what really happened. May it be a failure or a success, make sure that you provide your audience with a clear insight of what they must do and not do when they are about to cross their own bridges. One day, they will thank you for your honesty.

5. Be a mentor, not a hero.

Ms. Janette Toral told us that she read a book called Resonate, written by Nancy Duarte. The book tells us that as a speaker, you are wearing a hat of a mentor, not of a hero. The audience is the hero, not you. If you are the mentor then you have the burden of teaching and guiding the heroes in front you. If you hone them right, they will be perfect arrows that will hit the bull's eye.
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