Friday, August 8, 2014

7 Finger Lickin' Good Things That Happened To Me Today At KFC

I think I am starting to really like KFC that I chose it over Tater's Churkey Burger earlier. Here are the things that happened to me today.

1. Everything I like for only P150.

So I was really hungry earlier. Getting that Zinger Fully Loaded Meal for only P150 wasn't a hard decision to make. In that meal, I had the chicken meal (my excuse for getting the unlimited gravy), macaroni salad (my replacement for coleslaw), Zinger and iced tea. Great bargain!

2. The hint of wasabi in mayo inside my Zinger. 

You can just imagine my hunger earlier. After eating the chicken meal, I munched on my Zinger. It's a great burger. I compare it to Curiosity Burger that we used to eat in Fudan University in Shanghai when I was still studying there. I really like that hint of wasabi in the mayo that they placed inside that sandwich.

3. Zinger's patty is made of 100% whole chicken meat. 

Knowing that there's a claim of having no meat extenders inside my burger appeals to my mind, heart and stomach a lot.

4. Okay taste of the unlimited gravy. 

I like gravy a lot. But, sometimes, KFC's gravy tastes burnt. The other branches should look into this one. But the one in Galleria (where I ate earlier) tastes okay. Not perfect, but okay.

5. The photo of Crispy Cheese Chicken that always make me smile. 

I am not exactly a fan of that meal (the one with Clover Chips) but I am fan of KFC's creativity and innovation. They brought Double Down and now this one. Obviously, the management team is doing their job. And through this blog, I wanna tell them that they are doing it really well. Among all the fastfood chains in the Philippines, I will give them the award for creativity and innovation.

6. The iced tea that confused my taste buds which I like. 

At first, I thought there's a hint of tamarind and peach in KFC's iced tea. But after a few minutes, I thought KFC only used Darjeeling Tea and then sweetened it. I don't know what happened to me earlier but I surely liked that iced tea. 

7. The brilliant Order and Pick Up Counters. 

I am speaking now to the customers like me. The reason why some fastfood chains get orders from people in the middle of the queues is because they simply don't want you to leave the queues. We leave the queues because we want our food fast. Fastfood, right? We don't wanna line up for our food.

KFC in Robinson's Galleria brilliantly solved this by separating the Order Counter from the Pick Up Counter. This means that customers can speedily order and make payments at the Order Counter without waiting for the orders. This also means that the rest of the people in the queue don't have to wait until the orders of the one in front are assembled and brought to the table. I think this is brilliant. Slow clap here.

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid by KFC to do this blog. But if they decide to give me a free Zinger Fully Loaded Meal, I won't decline it.

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