Tuesday, August 30, 2016

3 Tips For Part Time Financial Consultants

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1. Time management is not enough. Practice strategic timing. 

Strategic timing means deliberately pursuing the market whose schedule fits your time for the business.

As a real estate broker, I may not be locked in a 9 to 5 job but I still have 5pm onwards as my time set aside for Pru Life UK.

Because of this, I am left with the market whose free times only fall after 5pm .-They can be both day or night-shift employees..

I personally like clients from the BPO industry because they are the ones whose free times matches mine.

Because of this I deliberately pursued the BPO market and I made sure that my presentations will appeal to them strongly.

2. Location is king.

Having a full time job during the day shouldn't stop us from meeting as many clients as we can during our free times.

The ideal number of clients to meet every single day is two.

Can a part-timer do this? Why not?

The secret lies in meeting as many clients as you can in a single location.

For example, you have clients in Makati. The best thing to do is to schedule them in a single date and venue.

Through this, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy and money that are usually spent in transferring from one location to another.

We all do know the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

I call this practice "Zoning" wherein every single day I have a pre-assigned location where I will "nest on".

This had been proven to be effective and efficient for me.

3. Be a one-sit closer. 

Being a part-timer, there is no time waste.

This means that every client meeting is an opportunity to close the sale.

There is no more "second meeting". Or time to give the client to "think about it".

These things only make the client "colder" and lowers the rate of the possibility of closing the sale.

So the next time a client says "yes" to you for a meeting, take it as a signal that the client is open to whatever you are offering him/her.

So present your best sales pitch and close the sale as soon as possible!

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

3 Ways The Pru Power Planner Had Helped Me

1. Simplified monitoring of daily activities 
My plastic-covered business card with photo-labeled
Pru Power Planner says hello!

Any goal must be measurable, and anything measurable must be monitored on a regular basis.

The Pru Power Planner provided me an easy and simplified way of monitoring every single day the every single thing that I do that has a direct impact to the business.

Before the planner, I am simply let alone with myself and my ordinary dated planner that only contains appointments and to-do’s for the day.

It doesn’t give me a detailed list of what I may have missed doing which is why at times I am also left to wonder why I wasn't able to close a sale when I was "half-sure" I have done everything that must be done.

With the Pru Power Planner, I am now able to know which particular step in the selling process I may have missed or needs improvement on so that I can objectively direct myself what to do next time and finally close that much-coveted sale.

2. More insights on how to improve more in each and every step of the sales process 

All closings start with one hello.

Since the Pru Power Planner enumerates all the steps in the sales process – approach, appointments made, fact finding interview/presentation, closed sale and referrals/prospecting – it is now much easier to draw insights on the steps that need improvement.

For example, an agent may have high points in approach, appointments made and fact-finding but is not closing any sale. The problem may be in the way he/she is selling the product itself.

This way, the Unit Manager or the Branch Manager may be able to easily diagnose the problem and provide suggestions for improvement.

3. Proved to me that small daily wins are superior to big wins simply because the former deals with the process more while the latter deals more on the rewards 

Great things start from small beginnings. Not only that, big achievements are simply collections of small ones.

If there is too much focus on the big awards, the tendency is to downplay the importance of the small daily wins that eventually lead to it.

Furthermore, if there is too much focus on the big awards, there will be less focus on the process – the same old boring strokes or the habits – which is what closes the sale.

It keeps me grounded knowing that the big awards are just part of the many sources of motivation while the process is what I have to deal with every single day as long as I am in this profession.

The Pru Power Planner helps me makes sure that I always have my both feet on the ground while I reach for the stars.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Why Are Insurance Products Not Sexy? (And Why It's Okay)

Insurance products are not yet this sexy. But's alright. :)
Investment-linked life insurance policies are awesome products.

First, they have coverages for death, disability, critical illnesses, personal accidents, hospitalization and etc. Gone are the days that a client need to buy these coverages separately.

Today, you can now choose what coverages you want (except for death and disability insurances which are core benefits in Pru Life UK) and even dictate the amount of each one -- in just a single policy!

Second, the payments per month or per quarter or semi-annually or annually (depending on how frequent you want to pay) do not change. Gone are the days that insurance premiums need increase annually.

Not only that. You can even dictate how much you want to pay per month, per quarter, semi-annually or annually!

Third, it has an investment component which are invested on stocks or bonds -- or both. Again, your call. In here, no investments are "wasted" unlike traditional insurance policies which don't have this component (except for some that offer dividends).

These are just some of the many compelling reasons why I like investment-linked life insurance policies and why I became a seller of it.

However, in my almost two years of being an insurance agent, I still wonder why people my age (and even those who are older than me) won't buy investment-linked life insurance policies.

I mean, everybody needs it right?

Yeah, right.

So why is everyone not as crazy as I am about it?

Why are people not rushing to get it as much as they rush to upgrade their few-month-old gadgets (which they also used to replace their previous ones which are only barely used for a year)?

Why can't life insurance products be sexy?


I get it.

It can't be sexy.

Life insurance talks about the hard stuffs. It talks about death, disability, critical illnesses, personal accidents and hospitalization. People don't like these "stuffs".

And investing one's money in exchange of the things that can be bought "now" -- no way! I mean, who does that?

Then I realized -- and decided to accept -- that maybe insurance products aren't really just for all. It may be needed by everyone but it's just not for everyone.

The sooner I accepted this, the sooner I felt peace.

I also realized, I don't need to sell to everybody. In fact, it's impossible sell to everybody.

I also don't need to change everybody's mindset about it. If insurances are really good -- they will eventually find out.

So what am I left now?

I am now left with two groups of people -- the ones who believe in it and the ones who are still undecided about it.

The ones who believe in it still needs some talking. First, they need to know why they should buy from you. And second, why they should buy the insurance you sell.

The undecided ones, on the other hand, need to be converted to believers first. First, identify their needs. Second, establish how your insurance products can fill those needs. Then follow the steps you did to the believers.

Thinking of converting the whole world to see insurance as a sexy product? You don't need to.

You only need to identify a few ones who are worth your time, energy and financial resources. Choose your battle.

While there are few unbelievers who can be converted along the way, still, they aren't be your primary market.

Your primary market are the ones who have bigger chances of being won over by you.

Focusing on a primary market produces mastery. Mastery is power. Power yields success.

May you find your sweet spot in the industry and may you continue the endeavor to help others become financially protected.

God be with you always.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Reserve Your Pre-Selling Condo Unit As Soon As You Can

1. Affordability. Delaying in reserving a pre-selling condo unit incurs more cost because prices increase regularly and payment schemes become much more difficult as time progresses. For example, a condo unit that you can pay for 60 months last quarter may be paid now for only 36 months. From 5 years, the payment scheme is now compressed to 3 years. With higher prices and tighter payment period, delaying in reserving a condo unit does not make it any cheaper.

2. Availability. The unit that you like now may not be available tomorrow. Most of the time, the good ones are the ones being sold first. Delaying in reserving your preferred condo unit by thinking that there are tons of options to choose from in the future is wrong.

3. You May Spend The Money Meant For Reservation Fee. One of the top 3 reasons why I urge my clients to reserve their units as early as they can is because money is very liquid that they may spend the one meant for Reservation Fee for other things. Raising the fund again in the future may be a difficult thing to do and thus forfeiting altogether the benefits that you can get in having your own condo unit in your chosen location.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Guide To Understanding Your Pru Life UK Policy

Page 1

  • Regular Annual Premium. This is the amount to be paid by the insured. This can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually through bank autodebit or credit card.

The allocation of your funds is for your investment (Page 4). This is based on your personality as an investor -- Cautious, Moderately Cautious, Moderately Adventurous and Adventurous. To know your personality as an investor, please take our Suitability Test. Click here.
  • PruLink Bond Fund. 100% Bonds.
  • PruLink Managed Fund. 80% Bonds. 20% Equities.
  • PruLink Growth Fund. 20% Bonds. 80% Equities.
  • PruLink Equity Fund. 100% Equities.
  • PruLink ProActive Fund. 50% Bonds. 50% Equities.

Page 3


  • Basic Cover (Sum Assured). Provides cash benefit to the beneficiary of the insured in case of the latter's death.
  • Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability. Provides cash benefit to the insured in case of his/her disability. "Accelerated" means it advances a certain percentage of the Basic Cover (Sum Assured).

  • Accelerated Life Care Benefit. Provides cash benefit to the insured upon diagnosis of any of the 36 critical illnesses being covered by Pru Life UK. For the complete list, please see below.
  • Waiver of Premium on TPD. Upon Total and Permanent Disability of the insured, Pru Life UK shall pay for his/her policy premiums.
  • Hospital Income Rider Benefit(s) 
    • Daily Hospital Income. Provides daily cash benefits to help cover the cost of hospitalization due to injury or illnesses.


  • Accidental Death and Disablement. Provides cash benefit to the insured in case he/she meets an accident that resulted to his/her death or disability.


Page 4

1Why are we projecting the growth of my withdrawal value only at a maximum 10% per year?

Life insurance companies in the Philippines are mandated by the Insurance Commission to       project only at a maximum of 10% growth per year. This is because these amounts are based on the movement of bonds and equities -- and are therefore changing. The Insurance Commission then set 10% as the maximum annual growth projection of your policy's withdrawal value.

However, in reality, Pru Life UK's funds, managed by Asia's leading asset management company called Eastspring Investments, are actually doing so much better than the 10% growth projection. For more information, please take a look at page 6 of your policy.

2. Are these amounts withdrawable?

Yes, these amounts are withdrawable however I highly recommend that you only withdraw an amount that will leave at least PhP20,000 in the policy. This will allow the insurance coverage to stay in force up to a certain extent.

3. How can I avail of the Loyalty Bonus?

You may avail of the Loyalty Bonus if during the first 10 years of your policy, you did not miss any payment nor withdraw any amount. The Loyalty Bonus adds an additional 10% to your monthly premium -- courtesy of Pru Life UK.

Got more questions?

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Your Ultimate Guide To Securing Your PRC Exam Permit (For Real Estate Board Exam)

Photo 1 -- This blog is dedicated to Mommy Marilou who
warmly assisted us during our "exam permit day" at PRC.
For your notarization, photocopying and ID picture needs,
just  look for her. Their stall is located on leftmost side
facing PRC -- the one on the side of FEU.

TIP: Notary Public fee at her stall is Php50.
This is an ultra-detailed step-by-step guide complete with photos and tips -- to getting your Real Estate Board Exam Permit at PRC. Have fun!

And yes -- you're welcome. :)

1. Register online -- www.prc.gov.ph/online/application/apply.aspx

TIP: You might wanna do this early in the morning or late in the night. When there are too many people accessing this link -- tendency is for the remaining users not to be able to load the site.

2. Complete ALL the requirements:
  • NBI Clearance - For PRC Purposes
  • NSO Birth Certificate
    • TIP: Some people say Passport ID is being allowed. For verification.
  • Review Center Certificate - With Doc Stamp bought at PRC Coop, Notarized
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) - For Board Examination Purposes, With photo
    • TIP: Some people say Diploma is not allowed anymore. For verification.
  • FOR MARRIED FEMALE ONLY - NSO Marriage Certificate
    Photo 2 -- This is the window selling doc stamps at the
    ground floor. Do not buy doc stamps elsewhere! On the other side
    is the window selling PRC envelope.
  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula
  • ID Picture - White background, With your full name below (Surname, First Name, Middle Initial), 2 pcs.
3. Photocopy EVERYTHING above except the photos.

4. I also suggest that you bring the following before going to PRC.
  • Php900 -- Exact amount for payment -- just to avoid hassle in getting change
  • Others -- Plastic envelope for the requirements above, black ballpen, glue stick, blue stamp pad, alcohol, tissue, fan, snacks, cold drinks, business cards and reviewers
  • Group mates -- It's better together --especially in times like this! What more if you have a gang of 4 awesome men like us? Just kidding. But seriously, I am not sure if I will be able to make it without the help of these awesome guys -- Ryan, Tristan and Sugus. (Guys, thank you!) If you need to go to the comfort room, you can have someone to save your seat. If you need to clarify something, you can ask someone among you who readily has the answer. The list of benefits goes on and on. Just come with a friend -- don't be a loner. This business is about helping each other right?
  • Photo 3 -- This is how the fourth floor at PRC looks like -- at 9:00am.
    As the day unfolds, more and more people start to come in and
    the temperature starts to rise too. Better wisely pick your time
    of going to PRC.
  • DO NOT BRING HEAVY BAGS. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES -- There's a lot of moving around that's gonna happen inside a crowded room! You have been warned. :)

Address: P. Paredes St. corner N. Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila

TIP: The whole process below took me around 3 hours -- from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Photo 4 -- If you don't like how this looks like, better bring
 your own glue stick and blue stamp pad --
along with your alcohol and tissue to clean your
fingertips afterwards.

1. Buy 2 pcs. Doc Stamps and 1 pc. PRC envelope.

WARNING: Do not buy doc stamps and envelope outside PRC. These are considered fake ones.

2. Glue 1 pc. Doc Stamp on your Review Center Certificate.

3. Proceed to PRC FOURTH FLOOR. 


1. Drop 1 pc. ID Picture inside one of the open boxes. That's it!

2. Proceed to STEP 2 -- PROCESSING.

1. Line up and prepare all the original copies and photocopies of all the requirements listed above.

TIP: This process is the one that will take most of your time. I say, grab your sandwich and bottled drink -- and then start munching. If you feel like talking to the one next to you, take out your business card. If you are in the zone for reviewing, that would be awesome too! 

Photo 5 -- This is my information sheet with doc stamp.
2. Once you are in front of one of the windows, hand all your papers to the attendant. Once done, the attendant will give you your INFORMATION SHEET (with photocopy of requirements) & PERMANENT EXAMINATION AND REGISTRATION RECORD CARD. 

At the window, there's also a separate sheet -- a control sheet -- for all the issued record cards. The attendant will ask you to register on it using the control number on your record card.

TIP: Accomplish the control sheet first -- before the information sheet & record card.

3. Accomplish your INFORMATION SHEET & RECORD CARD. Using the tips below.

a. Glue 1 pc. Doc Stamp on the left hand side of the sheet. See Photo 5.
b. Affix your signature and then write the date.
c. Place your right thumb mark on the space provided.
Photo 6 -- This is my record card with my thumbmark
and signature.

a. Fill out the information needed. See Photo 6.
b. Affix your signature on the space provided.
c. Place your right thumb mark on the space provided.

TIPS: Accomplish the thumbmarks last -- as the ink may smear on the papers. 

Also, have your Cedula ready with you as the details therein shall be needed for the record card.

Lastly, if you have corrections on the information sheet & record card, just correct it neatly. No need for your initials/signatures.

4. Once done, proceed to STEP 3 -- PAYMENT.

Photo 7 -- This is my Notice of Admission (NOA).
This is your goal for the day.
1. Prepare the exact amount -- Php900 -- to avoid the hassle.

2. Once you get your receipt, proceed to STEP 4 - ISSUANCE.

1. Present your accomplished information sheet, record card, receipt and PRC envelope to the attendant at the window.

2. Wait for your name to be called and your NOTICE OF ADMISSION (NOA) shall be given to you.

3. Congratulations! You are done! See you on May 24, 2015 -- to my fellow real estate board examinees this year. :) God bless you!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The 5 Senses Memory Enhancement Project

Are you preparing for an exam that involves a lot of memorization of new terms, dates, concepts and
mathematical formulas? Let me guess. You are a fellow reviewee for the LAST Real Estate Board Exam this May 24, 2015? Well, if you are, then you might want to check this brief article below which I curated from all over the internet.

When I first searched for tips in enhancing memory and concentration on the internet, I saw that there are memory-enhancing music, memory-enhancing smells, memory-enhancing foods and etc. I thought, why not put all these scientifically proven memory-enhancing goodies altogether and target all the five senses? This moved me to create my very own 5 Senses Memory Enhancement Project – which I am sharing to you now.



Remember the Mozart Effect? According to research, music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart enhances mental activity. Others say that songs with 60 beats per minute work for them while they are studying. Others prefer “nature music” to relax their senses. I say, go with your own flow. As for me, I prefer the binaural beats. There are claims that binaural beats not only help people memorize, it also help in dieting and improving athletic performance. Some people mix binaural beats with some classical music, but I like it as is. This sample binaural beat from YouTube is my favorite.


In 2009, The New York Times published an article about a study of the colors red and blue and their effects on the mental activities of humans. The study showed that those who were exposed to color red scored higher than those who were exposed to color blue in a series of tests that involved details such as remembering words and checking spelling and punctuation. On the other hand, those who were exposed to color blue scored higher in tests that involved creativity and thinking outside the box.

So, then, how much of color red do you need? Not much. Any small red-colored object will do.

Get this 100% natural Rosemary Oil from Human 
Nature for only PhP295. 

The Huffington Post published an article last 2013 about the findings of some researchers from the University of Northumbria. The researchers placed a group of 66 people in either a rosemary-scented room or another room with no scent. The participants were then given various tests to assess their memory functions. The results? The participants from the rosemary-scented room performed so much better.

Great to know that 100% natural Rosemary Oil is available in the Philippines through Human Nature!


There are acupressure points all over our body that, when pressed, can enhance memory and concentration. Using the same Rosemary Oil that you smelled, apply a little amount on those acupressure points and then start pressing. Please check out the links below for references and instructions.


Did you know that chewing gum can enhance your mental performance? Well, choose the sugar-free ones. Consuming pure sugar can cause your blood sugar to drop suddenly which can hurt your concentration. Find out more from an article here by NBC News.
Nutrilite M Boost is exclusively distributed by
Amway Philippines. For more information,
please visit www.amway.com.ph.

Furthermore, there are foods to take and foods to avoid.

  • Oily fish - sardines, salmon, tilapia and bangus
  • Peanut -1 hand scoop per day only
  • Egg - thrice a week only
  • Avocado
  • Coffee - 1 to 2 cups per day only
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Red Cabbage
  • Rosemary
  • Spinach
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Tomatoes
  • Whole Grains

  • White flour


Because of our busy schedules, I know that setting aside time for shopping for all these memory-boosting items, let alone preparing and cooking these, is almost impossible to do. Good thing I was able to get hold of Nutrilite's M Boost, which is made of exclusive Cistanche tubulosa extract which helps improve memory, focus and recall. So if you have a busy schedule like mine and don't have time to shop and prepare these memory-boosting items, you will surely love this product by Nutrilite. Nutrilite's M Boost is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines. For more information, please visit www.amway.com.ph.


I am very happy to announce that I was able to pass the 2015 licensure examination for Real Estate Brokers. Aside from that, I also ranked first during the mock exam in my section at Urban Institute of Real Estate in Asian Institute of Management, Makati City.

1. http://www.helpguide.org/articles/memory/how-to-improve-your-memory.htm
2. http://www.sunwarrior.com/news/brain-foods/
3. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/04/24/memory-improvement-tricks.aspx
4. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/10-foods-boost-your-brainpower

Thursday, April 9, 2015

4 Business Principles That May Help Startups

A few days back I had the awesome privilege to talk to two amazing people named Nap Garcia and John Martin Figuracion, founders of a startup called ProTEES Project. The project offers high quality shirts for groups and individuals with advocacy -- at no cost. I fell in love with the idea the first time I really get to know about it because I really believe in the genius of mirroring other causes using one's own business.

Because of that extended talk with Nap and John, I realized that there a lot of ideas a marketing professional like me can offer to those who are contemplating or currently putting up a startup business. I myself am a startup founder and my business called #BOTV is still on the works. I will definitely work on this project right after I am done will all these present commitments -- isa-isa lang.

Anyhoo, below are the 4 business principles that are stuck inside my head and ready to be shared anytime to any startup founder who may need it.

1. Business Model Canvas

What I really like about this tool created by Alexander Osterwalder is that it outlays in a single sheet of paper everything that you need to know about your business. It allows you to enumerate your Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments, Cost Structure and Revenue Streams in one place. Looking at them in one place gives you a sense of unity and oneness that should be present in all the elements of your business. Without this "solid feel" about your business, it's almost very difficult to describe it in a few words -- let alone starting it. By looking at everything that you need to see about your business, you must be quick in recognizing patterns and even roadblocks that shall allow you to strategically improve on things before you finally run your business idea. The Business Model Canvas is a wonderful creation and it's free! Download it here.

2. Positioning

What often startup founders forget because, sometimes, they become too enamored with their ideas is the importance of the "positioning" of their brand. Positioning (in my own word) is simply how your customers view your brand. It must be simple, single and solid. Before you launch your business to the market, make sure that your co-founders can explain the brand using just a few words. In fact, allow other people (in a mini-FGD, perhaps, during the conceptualization of the business) to describe to you your brand. If they find it hard it to describe your brand using just a few words, you have a problem. Tweak everything that can be tweaked -- your brand name, your logo, your tagline, your Business Model Canvas, your ads and etc. -- until you arrive at a satisfactory description of your own brand rendered by other people.

3. Blue Ocean Strategy

I learned about the Business Ocean Strategy way back in 2007 and I still believe that it is one of the greatest business principles ever invented. The book basically argues that to win in a market competition, a business need not compete. Instead, it must create its own "niche" away from the bloody ocean of competition where everyone is killing everyone. To be able to create one's own "niche", it must be able to differentiate itself from the competition. BOS suggests a practical way of doing this. Having the competition as the basis, a business must be able to Eliminate, Reduce, Raise and Create certain elements of it. For example, Ton Ton Thai Massage was able to create its own niche for itself by eliminating massage oils in its services. It then raised the use of garments in lieu of massage oils. Because of this, a certain segment of the market which dislikes massage oils during massage is being catered. Also, some market segments prefer stretching than rubbing which makes them a perfect target market for Ton Ton Thai Massage. Do not forget though that the end of BOS is encapsulated in two words -- value innovation. The result of BOS-ing your business must drive down the cost and drive up the innovation.

4. Simplicity 

One of the most prized possessions that I have as a marketing professional is the book called "Simplicty: The Secret To Effective Marketing" by Sunny Goh. The book basically guns for a single principle and that is, without suprise, simplicity. In everything that you do, never deviate from this principle. Some startup founders commit the error of spending time, energy and money on some things that can be acquired in the future because they become too excited. I say, if your business requires you to spend so much money on the onset, you are in for some hard business. Remember that you have to work as fast as you can to gain the ROI. So, as much as you can, spend and focus on things that really matter for the business.

*Please feel free to share this blog post to your friends and teammates.

Notes and Thoughts on How To Start A Realty Office Lecture by Mr. Christian Narito

These are my notes and personal thoughts on Mr. Christian Narito's lecture on "How To Start A Realty Office" at AIM Conference Office last April 6, 2015.

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

I personally believe in the power of asking one's self. When the going gets tough, it will certainly help us to get going when we remember why we are going after a goal. Asking one's self uncovers a lot of things about our motives and beliefs which are most of the time the basis of our decisions. Embarking on a journey in real estate is not a small feat. It is a decision that affects not only you but also the people around you - your family, your clients, the government and the society as a whole. It is important that we ask ourselves the following questions to help us "keep our feet on the ground while reaching for the stars."

1. What drives me? What do I want?
2. What do I know?
3. Am I ready? Is my network ready?
4. What are my needs and targets?

3 Questions to Self-Inventory

Similar to the 4 questions above are these 3 questions to self-inventory. What I noticed though is that these questions are digging deeper and are far more personal. I believe that the cross-section of the answers to these 3 questions is the "sweet spot" or the "gold mine" that every aspiring real estate brokers should pursue.

1. What am I good at?
2. What makes me happy?
3. Who will help me?

4 Types of Real Estate Brokers According To Networks

If there is one thing that really stood out during Sir Christian's lecture that is the importance of having a solid network that will help you in your practice. Without him directly saying it, I am under the impression that one cannot be successful in this practice if he is working alone. Working with people is the best way to go. The soonest that you do it, the bigger the possibility of success.

1. Walk Alone - As their name implies, they prefer to work alone. They do not recruit.
2. Local Broker - They have established networks but are limited only in a particular location.
3. Recruiter - They proactively recruit salespeople to work with them.
4. Networker - They have multiple networks of clients and recruits. They have fully realized the importance of working with people as real estate practitioners.

3 Types of Brokers According to Niche

These are types of brokers according to niche or focus.

1. Geography - These are brokers who focus on a particular location.
2. Market - These are brokers who focus on a particular market segment (e.g. low-end, high-end and etc.)
3. Product - These are brokers who focus on particular projects or brands.

Additional Tips

1. Train your people on how to listen, not just talk.

We used to believe that salespeople should be great talkers. I believe that. However, there is a far greater skill that must be developed and that is the skill of listening. Without great listening there is no great talking. If we don't know how to listen well to our clients, how will we know the right words to say and when to say it? Aspiring to become great listeners allows us to understand that the sale is not about us but, first and foremost, about the need of our clients. Without their willingness to purchase, we don't have a sale. And most of the time, their willingness to buy is dependent on how we were able to cater to their needs. So, listen.

2. Money is a deficient motivator.

Money is good motivator but only to a certain extent. Managers shouldn't fall into the trap of motivating people through money alone. Truth is, if we only motivate our people through money, time will come that our best people will have a lot of it, that they won't be as motivated to do the tasks as they were before. Learn how to mix and match the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and offer them to your people.

3. Never ignore the gatekeepers.

Why do we always gun for the decision-makers when we can't even get through the gatekeepers? Most of the time, the decision-makers are the husbands. It then follows that the wives are the gatekeepers. If we only intend to talk to the husbands because we have no use for the wives, we are certainly losing the battle. If we will be able to talk to the wives well, they will might as well do our job for us by convincing their husbands to purchase the property that we are offering them.

Friday, April 3, 2015

4 Tips in Studying for the Real Estate Board Exams

1. Dedicate your first 2 hours of the day to intensive studying. 

Dan Ariely said that we are most
productive during the first 2 hours of our day because our cognitive capacities are high during this time slot. If you don't have a 9-5 job and you decided to take the real estate board exam, you are lucky that you have the time. But if you have a 9-5 job every day, you still have no excuse. You just have to force yourself to sleep early and wake up early then dedicate yourself to intensive studying. After all, we all have to practice waking up at around 5:00am because the board exam shall begin at 8:00am on May 24, 2015.

2. Absorb as much as you can from the live lectures. 

I am a voracious note-taker. I used to profess that I learn a lot when I write what I learn. But this can't always be the case when you are studying the laws of the land. During live lectures, make sure that your attention is 101% on what is being said by the lecturer. You will learn a lot from the stories that illustrate the laws needed to be reviewed for the board exam. Yes, I still take down notes but it's much more limited now. I am now doing my best to practice learning by listening because I don't want to miss any detail from the stories being told by the lecturer.

3. Test. Test. Test. 

Do not be afraid of practice tests! Why? To pass the board exam is our goal after all. We have to get used to being tested by now so that by the time the board exam comes to us, we will be more than ready. I am very proud to be a part of Urban, my chosen review center. Mr. Enrico Cruz always gives us practice tests during break times and every single session, I feel that there is a little amount of confidence being added inside me.

4. Scan what you have read before you sleep. 

I got this from a professor in UST. He said that he used to scan (no need to comprehend) what he have read before he sleep. It's like cementing in the subconscious what the conscious have already learned. You might wanna try this. My professor said that it works for him a lot.

*Please feel free to share this blog post to your friends and teammates.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Investing in Pru Life UK

1. Who are the best people to talk to about investing in Pru Life UK?

Most of my clients are young professionals from ages 25 to 35 years old however anyone, regardless of age, may invest in Pru Life UK. Personally, I look for people within this age range because they are highly insurable and they also have high insurable interest being mostly breadwinners of their families.

2. Is it "expensive" to invest in Pru Life UK?

No. You are the one who will determine the amount you want to invest. If you know that you can save at least P3,000 per month, you might as well invest it in this kind of financial instrument that yields higher interest (10% or more) than banks. Also, a lot of my clients tell me that they'd rather invest it here because if it's not very easy to withdraw - unlike in banks.

3. How much is the minimum amount of investment?

P5,000 (or more) per month is the most ideal amount of investment. However, if this is too high for you, I can create a proposal based on your desired amount of investment per month.

4. What are the benefits of this kind of investment?

This kind of investment called VUL (or Variable Unit Link) gives you investment plus insurance coverage. It's about hitting two birds at the same and making your money work double time. They say gone are the days when insurance policies only benefit the policyholder when the latter dies. Right now, VUL products have so many benefits even for the living.

For example, in the investment part of the VUL policy, your money can grow to as high as 10% per year. (In fact, it can grow higher than that but we can't guarantee that to the client since we are being regulated by the Insurance Commission. Insurance companies in the Philippines such as Pru Life UK, SunLife, PhilAm and etc. are mandated to present proposals showing only up to 10% growth of the policyholders money in the investment part.)

But that's only for the investment part. A VUL policy, is primarily an insurance policy. In the insurance part, Pru Life UK has corresponding fixed amounts of money for the following events which may occur to the insured.
  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Accident that resulted to death and disability
  • Diagnosed with one of the 36 diseases enlisted in the Life Care Benefit of Pru Life UK
  • Confinement of at least 12 hours in a hospital
  • Many more
You may read more about VUL in the website of the Insurance Commission of the Philippines itself. Click here.

5. Since there is an investment part to the VUL policy and it grows to as much as 10% per year, can I withdraw the money?

Yes. The fund value can be withdrawn but you must leave at least P20,000 so that the insurance part won't cease. To add, most of my clients choose to save for more than 16 years as they intend to use it for the college education of their children. Others intend to save for at least 20 years to be used for their retirement.

6. Why should I trust Pru Life UK?

Entrusting your hard-earned money to Pru Life UK is entrusting your hard-earned money to a subsidiary of a financial services giant called Prudential plc which was established in London in 1848. During the year 1912, Prudential plc paid £14,239 for the 324 insured passengers who died in the Titanic tragedy.

Today, Pru Life UK's funds are being managed by the best retail fund manager in Asia called Eastspring Investments based in Singapore. The company was named Best Asset Management company in Southeast Asia from years 2012 to 2014.

To know more about this powerhouse team-up, click here.

7. I am ready to invest now. What is the first step?

We are ready to meet you. Call us at 0998-367-0545 or at 0905-347-4455.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Red Umbrella

Like rain, we know that unwanted events can come anytime. But how financially prepared are we really? In life, we know that death, diseases and disability can come anytime and leave us and our families in shambles. Can we really prepare financially for these things?

Like rain, though we cannot prevent death, diseases and disability from coming into our lives, there is a red umbrella for each one one us that can help us stay dry until we reach our destinations.

Have you gotten your red umbrella already?

To know more about investing in Pru Life UK, please contact me at 0998-367-0545.

*Please feel free to share this blog post to your friends and teammates.

Monday, October 13, 2014

4 Reasons Why OFWs Invest in Variable Unit Link Insurance Policies

Photo Credits: www.moneymax.ph
Variable Unit Linked (VUL) Insurance Policies are investment products that have two components: insurance and investment. While the policy-holder enjoys the insurance benefits of the policy, he or she also has the ability to grow his or her money through it.

To know more about VUL Insurance Policies, check out these articles by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines.

1. They are proactive searchers of investment opportunities.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are proactive searchers of investment opportunities available in the country. Have you heard of stories of OFWs sending money to their families in the Philippines to be used in purchasing a motorcycle, a carabao or selling items for the sari-sari store? Sadly, a lot of OFWs are still limited when it comes to knowledge in good investment opportunities. That is why they'd rather keep their hard-earned money in the banks or even in their personal cash boxes kept at home. I hope that more OFWs will open their minds and realize that burying their money "under their beds" won't help them in the end. Since they are in the best position to save and invest, VUL Insurance Policies perfectly fit their capacities and requirements.

2. Most of them are breadwinners of their families.

Knowing that most OFWs are breadwinners of their families, all the more that they are compelled to invest in insurance policies. Being away from the comforts of their homes and living in foreign lands filled with people they do not know allows them to think fast-forward and foresee what can happen if they (a) get sick, (b) become disabled or (c) die - God forbid. Is it really the end of everything? How will their families live? This, then, leads to a perfect discussion about insurance policies. In the past, it's very uncomfortable to talk about insurance. But right now, since the introduction of VULs, more people are made to become aware of its wonderful benefits.

3. They know how long they intend to work abroad.

In Pru Life UK, investors can choose from 5, 7, 10 and 15 years as the number of years they intend to pay for a limited or exact pay VUL insurance policy. If they intend to pay for 20 years or more, that's classified as a regular pay policy already. Some OFWs know how long they intend to work abroad. This is what makes them perfect clients for limited or exact pay policies.

4. Insurance policies cover the policy-holder wherever he or she may be in the world.

Except for some policy riders (or optional benefits), in Pru Life UK, all policy-holders are covered wherever they may be in the world. When I was starting as a financial consultant, this actually surprised me as well as some other clients to whom I was able to talk to. Indeed, there are so many things to know more about insurance.

*For more information, you may contact me via markjosephdelgado@ymail.com or +63-998-367-0545.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

3 Mind-blowing Ideas I Learned From Leader’s Protocol Training by Mr. Tinton Deveza

The King of Training on his throne.
Mr. Tinton Deveza did it once again. 

Fortunate enough to become part of his new training module called “Leader’s Protocol”, I found myself being moved by his mind-blowing ideas on what leadership should look like. The things that he taught us are completely new to me – things that I didn’t learn in business school. Really, I thank Sir Tinton for being the very man that he is – constantly on a lookout for new ideas that not only resound to him as a financial consultant for more than 30 years but ideas that are also very practical and are scientifically backed up. I thank him for putting up this wonderful module altogether. I just know that he “gave his everything” on this one for he himself will not be happy if he won’t give his all. Thank you, Sir Tinton, for moving us once again.

Below are the top 3 things from the module that I’d like to share with you.

1. Leave your people alone.

During one of the discussions, some managers opened up that they wanted to make time to coach their people one by one. Sir Tinton’s response astounded me, “It’s a waste of time.” His idea is very simple. Build a business with people who are self-directing and then leave them alone. Did we recruit good people so that we can all hold their hands through the business? No! We recruit self-directing people who can act independently and own their own businesses. Do we send them to trainings? Of course. If they are self-directing, they will might as well send themselves to further trainings. Do we answer their questions? Of course. If they are self-directing, they will have many questions but don’t spoon-feed them nor make them dependent on you. Build a business of leaders, not followers. Building a business with followers in the Personal Finance industry is a waste of time, money and effort on your side.

2. Don’t look for the outliers.

While we celebrate the achievements of the outliers – people who have attained the spectacular in the business – Sir Tinton said, “Don’t waste your time and effort looking for them.” I agree with him. We don’t look for outliers, outliers find us. But for them to find us, we must be faithful with our regular tasks. I, for example, consider one of my recruits as an outlier. Even though he has a full time job, he was able to close a policy (a P60K APE PAA) within two weeks. He is also very diligent in passing his Weekly Monitoring Form. I believe he is an outlier because he can do all these things even with a full time job and finishing his MBA. He is a real gem! But looking back, I realized that I did not proactively recruit him. He was the one who sent me a message that he wanted to become a financial consultant. So, you see, outliers are self-directing. They know what they want and they have the initiative. If you do your business well, they will come to you naturally. I believe, though, that there are many ways to attract the outliers. One of them is using blogging and social media, which is what I am doing now.

Right now, I am seriously thinking of creating my own training module in Blog and Social Media Marketing for Financial Consultants. Is it something that will interest you? Send me your thoughts via markjosephdelgado@ymail.com or 0917-838-7545.

3. Mastery is painful.

Set your mind on this. If you want to become good in what you do, pursue mastery. And to master your craft, you don’t need to wait for 30 years. You can do it through constant practice in front of the mirror, through getting constant feedback from your trusted colleague and through regular monitoring of your daily activities. If you think mastery is just a walk in the park, think again. Mastery is actually painful. It requires grit and perseverance. If mastery doesn’t hurt, it will mean nothing. My ultimate lesson as a Rookie here is that I should readily embrace pain as part of the business. Every pain that I embrace must be considered as a stepping stone towards mastering this craft that I have chosen to myself – a financial consultant, a man from the Pru.

Thank you again, Sir Tinton, for the wisdom you shared with us! God bless you.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

5 Radical Lessons I Learned From MDRT Builder Training by Mr. Tinton Deveza

Selfie with Mr. MDRT Builder himself, Mr. Tinton Deveza.
During the second day of training, he gave me a warm
welcome inside the class and told me how my blogging
gave him the adrenaline rush that he needed for the day
when he was feeling ill the past few days. A little kindness
goes a long way! Pay it forward. Please share this blog to
your friends and teammates!
Today, I decided to temporarily halt my selling and recruiting activities to process what had

happened to me yesterday. Yesterday, my life as a salesman and as a Man from the Pru totally changed. It was my first day of training with Mr. Tinton Deveza, a well-respected man in the financial services industry with more than 30 years of experience. I was enrolled to his MDRT Builder Training, a highly recommended course for financial consultants who would like to achieve MDRT status – as soon as possible. If there is one word to describe my experience with Sir Tinton yesterday, the word will be “revolutionary”. His ideas totally debunked all the myths that I used to believe in about selling. What I like about Sir Tinton is that, despite being more than 30 years in the industry, he still remains open to changes and is constantly on a lookout for new ideas as well as improvements of the old ones. He knows that changing times require different methods. He is not limited to thinking that everything that worked 30 years ago will still work today. I believe this is what made him different from among the many speakers I have listened to – he is humble, teachable and relevant.

Allow me to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned from Sir Tinton. If you are a financial consultant, it is needless to say that you should enroll to his class as soon as possible.

1. The Lost Art of Giving.

As salesmen, sometimes, we get too preoccupied with how we will be able to achieve – how to achieve higher sales, how to achieve this month’s promos, how to achieve this quarter’s bonus, how to achieve this year’s incentive trip and so on and so forth. We are too preoccupied with achieving – with receiving. Sir Tinton totally blew my mind when he said, “While the rest are focused on receiving, focus on giving. Then you shall receive.” Boom!

Like a farmer, we can only reap what we sow. How can we receive if we don’t know how to give? It’s the law of nature. If you are a salesman and your mindset whenever you approach someone is “How can I close a sale with this person?”, it’s time to change. Instead, think about “How can I be a person of value to this person?”. That mindset first, then the sale will follow.

2. Sell yourself first.

Mr. Tinton put it bluntly, “If the person doesn’t like you, he will not buy anything from you.”

As salesmen, again, sometimes we get too preoccupied with how good our products are. This is not bad. But most of the time, our clients don’t care – not yet. On their minds, “Why will I buy from this person?” Instead of becoming too preoccupied with what you are selling, think about how you will establish trust with your client first. They have to know you, like you and trust you.

Relationship first. Then, sell your products and services.

3. If you’re on time, you’re late. Be early instead. 

Be 30 minutes earlier than your agreed meeting time. Upon arriving at the venue, retouch and do some warm-up exercises. Think about how the meeting with your client will go while considering the 2 items I enumerated above. Finally, visualize closing the sale.

4. The “I am the greatest salesman in the world!” mantra is dead.

This is the end of the “I am (insert anything positive here).” self-talk as we know it. Mr. Tinton said that according to studies, this doesn’t work anymore. The new way of doing this is by asking ourselves the question, “How can I move this person?”

There’s a pattern that I recognized in his talk immediately. What works is that we should actually stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on our clients. Instead of me, me and me, think about them, them and them. 

We should be more customer-centric than self-centric. After all, without our clients we are nothing.

5. Fact: You cannot sell to people without money.

At the start of the discussion, Mr. Tinton asked me how I do my prospecting. I answered, “Sir, being only 3 months in the industry, I still randomly select my prospects. But slowly I am recognizing a pattern that good prospects come from 2 industries – my 2 biggest clients come from there. I want to do it this way because I’d like to proactively pursue people in industries who have the ability to pay. That’s because the products that we sell require shelling out money for long-term.”

I was actually blown away when Mr. Tinton told me that what took others years to understand took me only 3 months. I am saying this not to give praise to myself but to thank Mr. Tinton for affirming my most recent realization.

When I was still starting, I used to believe that I should sell variable unit linked insurance policies to practically anyone. I believe everybody needs it. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t need life insurance policies? Americans have an average of 10 policies per person, while Singaporeans have 4 per person! Why does it have to be so tough to sell even 1 policy to a Filipino who has none?

But reality hit me when after meeting so many working professionals during my first 3 months, I am still not able to close my target sales of at least 10 policies. Now I get it. While everyone likes the products that I offer, not everyone has the capacity of buying it. It can be for a variety of reasons but still the bottom line is, personally, I believe that we should pursue clients who really have the capacity to avail of this kind of investment. And those people are the ones who readily have the money. When I say “readily have the money”, they are not the ones who still have to make adjustments in their finances or think about the offer for weeks or months before getting back to you. There are actually people who readily have the money and are currently on a lookout for ways to invest it. My suggestion is, actively pursue them.

All these things, only from Day 1 of my MDRT Builder Training with Mr. Tinton Deveza. Still more to come. Thanks, Sir Tinton!

*Please feel free to share this blog post to your friends and teammates.

Monday, August 11, 2014

7 Perks of a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant

In my 2 months (update: now 3 years and counting!) of being a Financial Consultant under Pru Life UK, I am already resolved that this is one of the best jobs in the world. Five years ago before this stint, I have been doing Marketing. I love being a marketer and I’ll always be a marketer. In fact, my being a marketer made more sense to me when I became a Financial Consultant.

For the many times I have been asked by my friends what exactly I am doing now, I am writing this blog post to give them a general idea of the kind of perks I am enjoying. Towards the end of this blog post, I also enumerated the things needed to be done in order to get those perks. One thing’s for sure. All the hard work is worth it in exchange for all the rewards in store for a dedicated and passionate Financial Consultant. I may be just around 2 months in Pru but I already have had the taste of some of the rewards and every single day I find myself excited for what’s more in store for me.

Isn’t this the kind of feeling we all wanted towards our career?

How I suddenly shifted from being a marketer to becoming a Financial Consultant? I’ll be talking about it in a separate blog post soon. For now, allow me to introduce to you my job with the hope that this list will be able to convince you to become a part of our growing team in Pru Life UK.

1. Time freedom

I never thought that time freedom is that important for me. Before, all I know is that I just like this perk because I can’t be boxed in a 9-5 regular employee schedule. But when I met my Unit Manager, Ms. Lanie Robles, who back then was still a single mom and had to take care of a daughter who is special, I realized that time freedom is actually a minimum requirement for some people. To a single guy like me, this may look like just one of those additional perks. But for some, like in the case of single parents like my Unit Manager, time freedom is a must.

2. Location freedom
Yours truly during the 2016 Pru Life UK Day Awards.
It's the Achiever's Club Qualifying Member Award!

With location freedom, I meant that Financial Consultants have a say every single day on where they want to work. They can meet their clients at the their offices or in a café of their choice. Taking again the life of my Unit Manager as an example, I don’t know how her daughter can get daily therapy sessions if she’s stuck in an office and can’t just leave its premises anytime. For a single guy like me, of course, this perk is also a great one. This means I have the freedom to relax in a café or do some errands at the mall in between meetings.

3. Unlimited income opportunity

Unlimited income opportunity means there is no limit as to how much you can earn. Only you are the one who can dictate how much you want to receive per week. (Pru deposits commissions to its agents' bank accounts on a weekly basis.) Of course, this income, just like any other kind of income, can't just be earned overnight. But I can say that Pru is one of the most generous insurance companies when it comes to the commission rates for its agents.

4. Local and international travels

At first, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic agent about the travel perks in Pru. But as I go on with the business, I have come to realize that traveling can actually help me. Traveling to different places all around the world gives you the impression of becoming successful - someone who have "arrived". And to become successful in this business, we are highly encouraged to project that kind of image to our clients. Our photos at famous places such as the Big Ben, Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa can become proofs of success that we can use to build credibility towards our clients and also to encourage others to become Financial Consultants like us.

5. Awards and recognition

I am resolved. If you are achievement-driven, competitive and passionate, you are meant to be in sales. The battle arena is made for you. Competition excites you. The idea of winning drives you. You know you are a star. And you know very well that stars are made to shine. You just can’t be limited with 9-5 desk jobs with fixed paychecks (nothing against this though). But you have a thirst for adventure. And you have potentials that remain untapped. If this is who you are, yes, you are made for sales. And the best sales job is, for me, that of a Financial Consultant. Be one of us. :)

6. Mission and commission
With my two direct recruits during the 2016 Pru Life UK Day Awards.
We are all awardees during that day. If you join my team, you will join a team
of winners. Let's go!

You have always wanted to make a change in this world. But what stops you from pursuing this is the belief that jobs that fall into this category don’t usually pay well. But this is not always the case. Being a Financial Consultant allows you to do both - making a difference while earning money. First, by becoming a financial consultant itself means that you can add value to your clients’ lives by giving them sound financial advice. Second, you can eventually become an important part of your clients' lives when you “service” them. This includes delivering the guaranteed amounts to them whenever they are qualified to receive one. They become qualified to receive an amount if they get sick, disabled or, God forbid, when they die. That is what insurance is all about. It is supplication for the insured and for his family. Third and last, it is always said that during a wake, people may bring flowers to the bereaved family but only a Financial Consultant brings the beacon of hope that will allow the family to begin a new life again.

7. Monthly promos

When I was still being invited to join Pru, I never thought that on top of the perks enumerated during the BYB Meeting that I attended, there are more promos being launched on a monthly basis to influence the behavior of the agents. Did you know that during the month of December in 2014, I won cash prize of P100,000 from a raffle promo for those who have sales during that month? That's just one of the many monthly incentives from Pru Life UK!

Ready to take the challenge? Send your updated CV using the format below.
  • To: markjosephdelgado at ymail dot com
  • Subject: Application for Pru Life UK Financial Consultant Post
  • Body: Please tell me why you want to become a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Important Things I Learned From Build Your Business Events by Pru Life UK

My very own Unit Manager, Ms. Lani Robles (second from left), as she
shares her own experiences as a financial consultant to the other aspiring
financial consultants during the last BYB Event at Intercontinental
Hotel in Makati City on July 21, 2014
I am only about 2 months old as a financial consultant in Pru Life UK but I have already discovered the 3
important lessons that recur every time I attend Pru Life UK's Build Your Business (BYB) events. It's amazing how the message of the whole event remains consistent every week without sacrificing the "freshness" of the ideas being presented in order to fit the weekly target audience. Kudos to the team that holds the regular BYB meetings! Below are the 3 things I learned from the event.

1. Anyone can become a successful financial consultant.

From fresh grads to young professionals seeking fulfillment in their work, from executives earning 6-digit paychecks per month to entrepreneurs drowning in debt, there is one big message that the BYB event has for all its attendees -- anyone can become a successful financial consultant. During my first day of training as a rookie, I have heard about the story of a former "kargador" who became a successful financial consultant. It was said that he underwent the same training we all underwent and took the same exam we all took. The only difference is that he failed in the exam thrice. During the fourth attempt, he was able to finally make it. The former "kargador" is now a successful Unit Manager in Pru Life UK.

What, now, is your excuse?

2. The rewards for being a successful financial consultant are unmatched.

I used to work for a large multinational company that pioneered one of the early models of multilevel marketing. Companies in this industry are known for their unlimited earning opportunities and generous incentive trips. But when I discovered about the rewards in Pru Life UK, my jaw dropped. Below is the list of some of the rewards a financial consultant may enjoy in Pru Life UK.
  • Weekly commissions
  • Overrides from recruits' commissions
  • 6-8 international travel opportunities
  • Opportunity to be published in major broadsheets
Let it be known that these are just some of the rewards being given at the corporate level. This means that your branch and unit may have a separate reward system for you. I tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

3. Financial consultancy is not just about selling insurance policies. It's about changing lives.

More than the extrinsic rewards of being a financial consultant, the intrinsic rewards also abound. There is a recurring statement that all successful financial consultants say as they are being interviewed during BYB events -- financial consultancy is about changing lives.

As a financial consultant, you do not only change the lives of your clients and fellow teammates. Your own life also changes as you go along. It was said that others may bring flowers to the bereaved family during the death of a loved one but a financial consultant is the bringer of hope to help the family start a new life again.

As a financial consultant, you may also have the chance to change the lives of your teammates and recruits as you share to them the rewards of the job.

Underlying all these opportunities is the opportunity for your life to be changed in the process as well. In my first few weeks as rookie agent, I learned how to dream again; develop patience and hard work; and seek a new heart that longs to be of service to other people.

I am definitely looking forward to attend more BYB events in the future.

If you are interested to become a financial consultant and/or attend a BYB event, contact me via 0998-367-0545.

8 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Your Insurance Policy

1. Know that this policy is not only for you but also for the people you love.

One of the primary goals of an insurance policy is to protect the income of the insured. The income of a regular employee usually depletes or totally stops in times of death, disability or disease. When the income of a regular employee depletes or totally stops, the lives of the people around him are affected too. This is what insurance is for. It seeks to assist you and your family in times of great need.

2. We can't choose when should death, disease and disability strike us. But we can choose to be prepared when they come. 

We cannot choose when to die, get sick or become disabled. These things happen even to the healthiest people we know. Instead of ignoring this reality, why don't we choose to find ways to minimize their effects by being financially prepared and protected? Insurance policies have guaranteed ways to provide for you when these events come.

3. If you get critically sick or disabled, the same policy can never be offered to you. Worse, you may never be able to get any insurance policy at all.

Some clients delay getting insurance policies with the thought that they can get it anytime they want. But this is not true. When you get critically sick or disabled, it will be more difficult for you to get a policy. Worse, you may never be able to get one at all for the rest of your life.

4. If you get the policy at a much later time, the higher fees you'll need to pay. Invest while you are still young.

Before investing on anything else, invest on protection first.

Credits: www.financialplanninginfoguide.com
The younger you are, the lower the cost of premium that you'll need to pay. This is because there is less risk for younger people. The best time get an insurance policy is now.

5. Invest on protection first before you invest on properties.

Have you heard about the Pyramid of Investment? Any financial planner will tell you that before you invest on properties, you must invest on protection first. Protection comes in the form of insurance policies.

6. If you dream of sending your children (or godchildren, nephews or nieces) to big colleges and universities, know that a few years from now the tuition fees for 4-year courses will start to reach millions of pesos. You know you can't just settle for less for your children.

Education is said to be the greatest inheritance that parents can pass on to their children. In the Philippines, parents will do anything just to send their children to the best schools. The best time to prepare for that time is while you are still single. You don't have to wait until your married life to invest for your children's education.

To get a more detailed projection of the tuition fees of various colleges and universities in the Philippines, please contact me via 0917-838-7545.

7. Remind yourself that retirement age in the Philippines is 60 years old. While it is a blessing to live beyond this age, it also requires financial preparation. 

We all want to live long. But while living long is considered as a blessing, this also entails financial obligation. With old age comes our inability to work and provide for ourselves. Most of us will become reliant on our children (or nephews or nieces) when that time comes. Is there a way to change this pattern? By preparing early for your retirement, you can have the assurance that you can live long with grace.

8. If you are saving money for your big dreams (e.g. house, car, travel and etc.), let it be known that hoarding your money can only get you so far. Investing your money for a much greater return is the better way to go.

People save for their big dreams. This is why they need to save for a very long time. What if there is a way for you to grow your money at a much shorter time? Insurance policies with investment components can help you do just that.

I am a licensed Financial Consultant who has the mission of protecting the income of the Filipino family. Let me know how can I be of help to you. Contact me via 0998-367-0545.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Get An Insurance Policy Now

1. You can't just have an insurance policy anytime you want. Death, disability and diseases waits for no one.

Forgive your insurance agent if he is too determined to offer an insurance policy to you. He is not just after the sale (though this one of the motivations of the job). He is in competition with 3 enemies - death, disability and diseases. When any of these enemies gets you (God forbid), your insurance agent won't be able to offer the same policy to you anymore. These 3 enemies are exactly what your insurance agent is protecting you and your loved ones from. Sure he can't prevent these enemies from coming after you, but at least he can do something to lessen the disastrous effects it can bring to you and to the people who loves you.

So if your insurance agent is too determined to offer the policy to you, thank him. He is just after your welfare. Instead of ignoring his calls and seen-zoning him on Facebook, talk to him how he can help you make the policy fit your current budget and future needs. Communication is the key. You know this full well.

2. Tuition fees are expected to increase exponentially in the next few years. You can't just say sorry to your children if they turned out to be brilliant but you don't have the money to send them to the best schools in the land.

In the next few years, the projected total tuition fees of selected Philippine colleges and universities for a 4-year course will reach millions of pesos. (If you want to see the figures, call me now via 0917-838-7545 and let's talk.) If you plan to have your own family someday or maybe just support the education of your nephews and nieces in the future, you might wanna include the projections in your planning of your long-term goals.

3. Good investors begin with protection not properties.

I have a few friends who take pride in calling themselves "investors" because they bought condominium units and cars as "investments". But a good financial planner will tell you that any good investment begins with protection in the form of insurance policies and other similar tools. Be guided.

4. Time flies so fast. You are nearer your retirement age than you think. Do not be a victim of late planning or lack thereof.

I am 26 years old while I was writing this post. Sadly, I don't think that many people my age are aware that we only have 34 years before our senior year and that it will only be a breeze if we will only let time pass us by. The best time to start securing our retirement fund is now - while we are still insurable. I think that not too many of my peers know that once we are diagnosed with illnesses,it will be harder for us to avail of insurance policies. I will never forget the stories of people who turned down insurance policy offers in the past and then were diagnosed to be ill. No matter how much they wanted to get the insurance policies that was once offered to them, they were not insurable anymore.

5. We all want to accomplish many things before we reach our retirement age. The best time to plan for it is now.

Before we retire, most of us will say that we will want to give back to our parents and/or start our own families. But how can we actually assure that if (a) we are not prudently planning for it and (b) we have not actually saved anything substantial from the time we worked until now?

Thus, the best time to plan for those long-term goals is now. Investment can help you in building that dream house that you wish your parents to have while you are building the one that is meant for your own family. Talk to your insurance agent about your dreams.

To know more how can an insurance agent like me help you in achieving your long-term goals, contact me via 0998-367-0545. I will be more than happy to listen to you.